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The Eternal City Tours presents:

Interested in symbology? You have been in Rome many times and you are still wondering about the meaning behind the skeletons, the plants, the coats of arms, the obelisks and many other intriguing things you see in the Eternal city.

If you enjoy decrypting secret messages, knowing the meaning behind symbols and learning ancient codes and languages, this is the tour for you.

Roman history spans three millennia and the city is scattered with Egyptian, Greek, Latin, Christian, Jewish and Mason symbols. Many of them are easily readable, others are more hidden and need an expert to decypher.

This tour is not based on fiction as most of the best-selling books of today...follow us and become a new Indiana Jones...

Tour Details:

  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Professional and Licensed English speaking guide
  • Skip the Line Entrance to the Vatican Museums
  • Use of visual didactic tools
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